Auto insurance rates for teenage drivers

If you have recently gotten your first driver's license, it is necessary to pay attention to auto insurance rates for teenage drivers. For divers of such age category it is important to save as much as possible, as teenagers usually don’t have much money. But it is not that easy for novice drivers and motorists up to 20 years.

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Get the most affordable rate on auto policy for teens

On average, teens pay almost twice as much for home or auto policy, not always getting cheap auto insurance rates as experienced drivers. This is due to the fact that young people cause comparatively high number of accidents, which car insurers evaluate very expensive.

The average auto insurance rates for teens are the following:

  • For a 16-year-old — $5,500
  • For a 17-year-old — $4,700
  • For an 18-year-old —$4,100
  • For a 19-year-old — $2,900

Such high premiums rate for teenage drivers has its reasons. Due to the fact that teens are very high risky category and about ten times more likely to end up in a car accident than people aged 30 to 50, it is not surprising that the cost of their auto insurance will cost an arm and a leg.

Moreover, the high damage rate of young drivers has two main reasons:

  • unsafe driving due to lack of driving experience
  • overconfidence of the driving skills

Therefore, many ways of how to save on protection if you are a teenager exist. Let’s consider the most common ones.

Accompanied Driving

Compared to peers, you will statistically cause a fewer number of traffic accidents if you have already obtained a driver's license for a car at the age of 17 in the field of accompanied driving. Auto protection companies therefore often grant young graduates of this program with a premium discount when they insure their first own car.

Avoid Buying a New or Sports Car

Make sure that your car is equipped with a number of safety devices such as airbags. The auto protection rates will increase if you are driving a luxury car, since these vehicles are considered a higher risk. Auto protection companies generally offer a discount if your car is equipped with safety devices.

Registration as a Second Auto of Your Parents

If you want to drive your own car at an early age, protection can be low-priced in case of registration of it as a second auto of your parents. Since the motor vehicle insurers usually provide a significantly better claim-free rates for a second vehicle of the adult driver than for a first car of the novice driver. This trick is financially more attractive than if you register and insure the car by yourself.

If you cause an accident with the second car as a young driver, this only affects the contribution to the car. The auto of the parents (the first one) remains unaffected.

If you have been driving accident-free for a few years, you can re-register the car. The achieved claims received from the second car just rewrite up.

A few car insurers also offer a family car protection. If several family vehicles are insured in the same company, there is a place for a volume discount. These benefits are profitable for every insured family member.

Advantage: You are a protection customer and will receive a profit right from the beginning of the discounts, which will reduce the total contribution.

Purchase of the Lower Amount of Services

You can also save with the motto “less amount — cheaper cost”. The contribution to car protection drops if:

  • the auto has a low type class
  • a base rate is chosen
  • you have chosen only the most important type of protection — liability coverage
  • the driver's circle is restricted
  • the annual mileage is low

To date, the insurance premiums of teenage drivers are very high. That is why it is recommended to combine several policy types such as auto and home insurance policies to pay less. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully compare protection rates, analyze various proposals and take into consideration all the recommendations on how to save your money.