Auto insurance for women

Nowadays, auto insurance for women costs less that for man. This is due to the fact that female drivers cause statistically fewer serious accidents than men, which allows them to pay less for their auto insurance. But this advantageous rate is associated not only with the sex of insured driver, but also with other criteria taken into account by insurers.

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Such way of getting policy by auto insurance quotes compare takes some minutes and could save consumer much more than usual. To understand how it works: despite the type of the protection coverage chosen, whether it is a car or motorcycle protection, there are a number of reasons of why women pay a fewer amount of premiums. The reasons are the following:

  • they are less risky category than men
  • they have a smoother ride
  • less involved in serious accidents
  • female drivers have statistically more bonuses

The difference between the amount of premiums is certainly small, but significant. To date, the average car insurance rate for full coverage for female drivers is $1,540, while for men is $1,640.

The main reason for this difference is probably that female drivers have fewer serious accidents and insurers value this lower loss experience by offering them lower insurance premiums.

Also, risks are reduced if a woman travels less amount of kilometers. It should be added as well that women often drive less powerful vehicles than men. In a couple, the SUV or Sedan are mostly driven by the male partner, while the second auto is registered as a secondary vehicle on the same protection contract.

Why Do Women Have Less Road Accidents?

On the road women are more careful than men. A more attentive, prudent and responsible conduct is worthy of special treatment by auto insurers.

On a daily basis, female drivers use their vehicles more on short journeys: shopping, taking children to school, etc. Female drivers tend to drive on the major urban roads which are less conducive to serious accidents. Women also drive smaller cars, with less power, are less likely to drive under the influence of alcohol and drive more over the city than long distances.

What car accidents can they cause? Certainly, female motorists cause car accidents but mainly insignificant and inexpensive for auto insurers. Another feminine specificity: women are not good in the determination of distances when passing, for example.

Women Insurance: Save on the Policy

In order to save money, even for women it is only necessary to compare the estimates of the policies offered by the various protection companies, and to choose the one that best suits your needs, paying attention to the possible additional guarantees.

For example, some guarantees that are often offered free of charge, or with substantial discounts to new insured drivers are fire, theft and liability coverages.

A further method to save money is the single driver policy: if the same driver who has proved to be particularly diligent on the road will be rewarded with the less amount of the total protection cost.

Even the electronic on-board recorder attached to your vehicle can significantly reduce the total amount of premiums.

When choosing insurance for an auto by zip code, it must be assessed whether the main driver is a woman, because it is worth analyzing of additional and free services, including various protection companies. There is no injustice that car protection for women is cheaper than for men. However, the difference in the total amount of premiums should not affect the number of serious accidents, during which each person is on equal terms.